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Bug #1760691: Please switch to Ayatana AppIndicator Wishlist New 3 weeks

From: Mike Gabriel
Link: update-notifier_3.189_3.189.1.debdiff

Switch to Ayatana AppIndicator

Bug #1246364: regression: update-notifier stopped showing a tray icon in xubuntu and other desktops Low Confirmed 14 weeks

From: Forest
Link: restore_reboot.patch


Bug #1641671: Cronjob /etc/cron.daily/update-notifier-common sends too many e-mail messages High Confirmed 25 weeks

From: Roman Odaisky
Link: upd-not-shut-up.patch


Bug #1565340: ubuntuBSD support Undecided New 107 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: update-notifier.diff


Bug #1420390: update-notifier doesn't cope with multiarch packages installed High Confirmed 167 weeks

From: Steve Langasek
Link: ProcEnviron.txt


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