Comment 5 for bug 983559

Adrianna PiƄska (confluence) wrote :

I've been trying to debug this for hours. I just upgraded to Precise from Oneiric. My upgrade hung when attempting to configure ttf-mscorefonts-installer. I seem to have completed the upgrade successfully by aborting, removing ttf-mscorefonts-installer and flashplugin-installer and running dpkg --configure -a. I have rebooted, and everything seems fine.

Now I can't reinstall flashplugin-installer. It gets to the external file download, and hangs. It hangs in apt-get, it hangs in dpkg and it hangs in Synaptic. You say that the new download method is supposed to pick up the proxy variable from /etc/environment, but I *have* the proxy variable set in /etc/environment (and in every other possible place that I could think of) and it is not being detected.

I have added 'Defaults env_keep = "http_proxy ftp_proxy https_proxy no_proxy"' to my sudoers file (above env_reset), so the http_proxy variable should be kept. in any case, I get the exact same problem if I try to install the package as root instead of using sudo (after verifying that http_proxy is set in root's environment). So this doesn't sound like bug #982684, unless I'm misunderstanding exactly what that bug affects.

I can download the file without any problems manually. As a workaround, would it be possible for me to put this file in the correct download directory, and have the script detect it as already downloaded? At the moment it appears to be literally impossible for me to install these packages. I cannot access the outside world without the proxy.