Comment 99 for bug 332945

Il giorno mar, 31/03/2009 alle 11.40 +0000, Brian J. Murrell ha scritto:
> I never minimize my pidgin windows. I also use devilspie to have them
> skip the tasklist and be visible on all workspaces. As a tool,
> pidgin/IM is as important to me as are the panels and window
> management,
> etc.
> But probably, as such I've learnt to manage it's ability to (not)
> interrupt me, yet keep me notified of what's happening. I want the
> same
> from my update notifier.

That's in the spirit of what I wrote: you want pidgin there all the
time, but as it's a long-running window you don't want it in your ALT
+TAB list. The same problem I think exists in update notifier. Even a
minimised window will not completely solve the problem. A notification
did, but this is the change we are discussing.

Now a typical user may enjoy suitable defaults. A more advanced user
will configure how to receive system notifications. If they are all in
one place, it's easy to do it. If they have the same choices,
conventions and defaults of the very common IM paradigm, people will
understand them effortlessly.