Comment 97 for bug 332945

Surely the solution for this is simple. Install updates automatically by default (but make it an option that power users can change).

This entire thread is about forcing people to click a button that says "update", and plenty of suggestions have been dismissed on the basis that the user might, as a result, decide not hit that button. If we're so keen on people to do this, why not do it for them?

In the case that someone has set to be notifed (instead of updating automatically), pop up a new-style disappearing notification every 24 hrs if there are updates, like so:

There are 12 updates available, of which 4 are security fixes

If they still haven't installed the security updates after 7 days, then open Update Manager unfocused like the current plan. If there are no security updates then still notify of the regular updates, but never open Update Manager.