Comment 81 for bug 332945

On 27/03/2009 Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> We have good usability information that says that notification areas
> are
> swamps. They are swamps on Windows, and swamps in all the Linux
> distributions.

Dear Mark,

I see your point, but we all know from years of experience that pop-ups
and pop-unders are only considered an annoyance by users, and that they
don't fit for the purpose. That's why most of us were proud of the gnome
way: to avoid as many pop-ups as possible. This gave ubuntu a "rock
solid, unannoying" feeling that made it extremely competitive on
usability over windows.

We all are complaining because we feel that pop-under or whaterer are
just wrong, and we want ubuntu to be perfect :)

In any case I appreciate a lot the work of canonical: to summarize,
"jaunty is lovely".