Comment 58 for bug 332945

From security point of view this idea sounds horrible. There is claim that this is made to improve security but only way to do it is make automatic security update install default in new installations.

Here is one good idea that is implemented very badly. So my idea of implementing removal of icons from notification areal is that it has to be easily configurable to user.

I want to have easy access to background applications and open window is much worse than icon. Notification icno is many times smaller than window selector entry. For me it would be better if I could configure even more applications to use notification icons to help me to interact with them. And my guess is that I'm not alone who hopes that there is way to have easily clickable icon for many background running programs that I use infrequently.

It is good idea to try new UI design but you should also do UI testing and compare new and old interface. Preferable as near as possible of real world usage pattern. That way at least the worst usability bugs would be fixed in new implementation before making . people hate it.

PS. If you make radical changes toUI you will always get bad initial reaction. But if new design was really improvement (and no major bugs) nearly everyone will accept it shortly.