Comment 52 for bug 332945

Vadim, you'll want someone like Mark commenting on this, or a member of the DX team. Any other developer won't cut it (as we're effectively users in this instance, and many of us don't like these changes either).

Also, i'm not sure this *particular* bit was mentioned at UDS - I remember seeing the mockup of what they planned for notification, with the black boxes, but I don't recall hearing them talk about, let alone, show mockups of, cleaning up the notification area. This is likely why no one blogged about it (at least that i saw) - perhaps they all missed it too, or it just wasn't there.

Either way, I'm sad to say that this hasn't been handled well by Canonical, and, unless the DX team decide to go and break even more freezes (such as the UI freeze), we'll be stuck with it like this for Jaunty. One can only hope that there is a better result in Karmic, and that not too many users are lost to other distributions, due to the regressions they see in Ubuntu.