Comment 465 for bug 332945

I'm going to come clean.

After all the garbage that I cannot believe I wrote in the last two years I must admit that the current model far outstrips the previous one.

While it sports some interesting downsides to consider I feel that the model works somewhat beautifully. As of Maverick there is a pop-under window that presents itself - When the user decides to update, it's smooth and unnoticable enough that you may continue your activities. Should a restart be required, there's no pop-up window. There's no bubble, notification, MS Bob bouncing around. There's a simple, easy-to-see box in the update-manager that informs the user and presents a nice little button. Also, the power indicator glows red. Simple, beautiful.

With Unity around the corner I imagine this will get even better. I'm guessing that there will be a shiny little launcher in the left panel that will sexy up the process a little bit. And with the smaller, iconic paradigm there will be far less clutter.

I admit that I was the victim of stubborn resistance to change - even when I thought I was sensible enough to detect the behavior. I would like to thank Ayatana for the great and hard work being done. I would also like to thank and apologize to Matthew Paul Thomas; it is the mark of a great worker to be able to bear the weight of unfounded flames and you've shouldered that for a long time now.

I'm marking this bug as not affecting me: The model has outclassed any other forms of updating that I've yet encountered.