Comment 437 for bug 332945

Ralph Little (rlittle) wrote :

Just another voice to add to this discussion which echos a fair amount of what I have already read.

- When I upgraded to Jaunty, I noticed that the update icon did not appear.
I assumed that this was a bug introduced during the update.

- upgrade manager "juat appearing" on its own is a really bad idea. It looks like malware.

My opinion for what it is worth.
The notification panel works great for me.
The notification icon is one of the things I think is great in Ubuntu. Its removal is a backwards step.
Launching the update manager is a retrograde step.

If the designers think that the update icon is being ignored by a lot of people, then why not let it make a nuisance of itself if it has been ignored for a specified length of time, say a fortnight or a month. Make it flash, change colour etc. That way people will have to pay attention to it.

To my mind, the old method was ideal.
I like the notification area - I don't mind the number of things in there and I DO like the notification icon.
Just changing it into what we have at the moment is pretty unforgiveable.