Comment 43 for bug 332945

I know that this bug addresses the issue of users not understanding where to click when the popup alert about updates came out. I can't understand why the obvious solution, that is, put a button into the popup notification, would not work well. I either can't understand why the most hated solution of all, that is, a dialog window coming out automatically, that is, the solution that good old windows used all the way, and that we gnome users where proud of avoiding, well, I don't understand why this is the chosen solution.

Again, taking as a principle to more or less never pop up a dialog, is one of the best qualities of gnome. Popping-under makes no sense. There's people in offices that NEVER closes firefox or openoffice, not to mention evolution. If the pop-under goes below evolution I am sure people won't notice it. Makes no sense to me! Please be constructive and discuss this a bit more. Not for me, but for the sake of our users. I know that unwanted popups trigger an automatic "close and forget" mechanism in ordinary users. Moreover, persistent popups that come out every now and then also add a sense of anger and frustration against the system that disturbs the user.