Comment 408 for bug 332945

Paulo J. S. Silva wrote:
>> * When the user has chosen not to download updates , These
>> notification repeat again at a later
>> time[10mins/30mins/1hr/4hrs/1day/7days],which the user chooses from a
>> drop-down menu and if the user tries to shutdown before updating he is
>> reminded again via the same alerts.
> Really? Usually, if I do not choose to update right away it is because I
> am concentrating on what I am doing. Usually I can not accurately
> predict for how long I will work to define the exact moment the update
> notification should appear again. If the notification appears while I am
> still concentrating I will not look at it. Or are you talking about the
> pop-under (that would annoy me again if I am working)?
> I would greatly prefer to have a constant reminder in the panel.

I'm against the pop-ups too, i was referring to interactive
notifications/ morphing alert boxes.

The next time the reminder pops up, you can again postpone it ... and so

Well... the DX team is not going to allow panel icon:( , so i feel this
is the closest to an update reminder we can have...