Comment 404 for bug 332945

Just my 2 cents, but I consider we're going right into a wall if we design
intrusive tools, even if the intrusiveness (does this word exist ?) is
legitimate. Remember what about to Windows' UAC.

Imo, it should be ok to use a notify-osd notification + a systray icon for
updates as soon as they're available, and to pop-up the window only on
extreme cases :

 * one whole week for security updates (yes it's a lot, but i think it's
 * thirty days for normal updates - AND ONLY ONCE ! if the user does not
want to do the updates, then let him not do them, his choice !

And if the window opens that way, it should explicitely say "There have been
updates for # days but you didn't click on the updates orange/red icon in
your panel, so we thought you might not have noticed it. If you want to do
the updates now, click on the "Update" button". This way, the user knows
_why_ it went in his/her way and will know how to avoid this : by
explicitely making the updates when they're available (which should be easy
for him/her to see, with the systray icon).