Comment 387 for bug 332945

No - there are two problems with automatic [anything]:
1. I may be using the application that is being upgraded - and may cause it to crash / misbehave.
2. An automatic download at the wrong time might be very costly for the user. For example on my 3G connection it costs me the same to download the first 3GB of data in a month and to download every 60MB after that. That means any program starting an update at a random time, may end up costing me a lot of real money (without a warning). An openoffice update at a wrong time could really hit me.

@Vincenzo Ciancia:
"... the popup is not going away unless you make your own fork of ubuntu."
Pidgin was forked for less annoying changes... With ubuntu it's even easier - a PPA with a "fixed" package is enough. If the option of going back to no-popup version is disabled in Karmic, I'm definitely making such package - I still consider the popup behaviour in whatever form to be broken / a bug.