Comment 381 for bug 332945

Chauncellor, LanoxxthShaddow: We are developing more consistent access points for the sort of programs people often want to be running in the background. The first example of this in 9.04 is the messaging menu, providing access to Evolution and Pidgin -- and soon other messaging clients too -- in a single menu. Chauncellor: Update Manager is minimizable regardless of how it opens.

ddumont: Your premise is false -- Windows users did not "decide[] that they liked a certain model" of how the notification area should behave, Windows 95's designers did. And careful study of how Windows treats notification area icons from 2000, to XP, to Vista suggests that Microsoft designers have been trying to roll back their mistake.

mb_webguy, ddumont: Many Ubuntu contributors, myself included, care very much about expanding the Ubuntu user base. In doing that, we do need to be bold and, yes, occasionally irritate existing users. It would be no good if we topped out at (for example) 20 million users because non-updated systems with orange stars or red triangles in the corner had given Ubuntu a reputation for bugginess and insecurity amongst the wider population.

getut: I mentioned the "click the icon" issue only to explain why Notify OSD had forced us to make the update-notifier change now rather than later. We plan to simplify the design of the window for 9.10, to better explain why it has appeared and the decision users need to make.

Rajeev Nair: This bug report has been closed for months.