Comment 376 for bug 332945

Il giorno mer, 10/06/2009 alle 04.52 +0000, mb_webguy ha scritto:
> Ubuntu is likewise
> a free distribution, and so "market share" doesn't really figure into
> it.

I think you didn't notice the hype around preinstalled ubuntu and OEM,
which is where all this mess came from :) It is clear that marketing is
a good part of ubuntu, and that all of us ubuntu guys around that
install ubuntu to everyone are doing the campaign. What is unclear is
how do we behave when our distribution begins to... ehm... suck and we
have no powers to stop the distribution. I am not saying this is
completely happening: all of us can discuss these problems on ayatana
and my experience has been that the developers are very interested in
feedback and suggestions from anyone. But the pop-up window is not going
to disappear, unluckily.