Comment 375 for bug 332945

ddumont wrote:
>>This is not good behavior for a company who wishes to continue to gain
market share... you cannot apply this type of behavior at will to all areas
of your distribution without SEVERELY pissing most of your userbase off.

I'm afraid this argument, ddumont, is going to fall pretty flat. Linux has never really cared about "market share", since it's a community effort rather than a proprietary commercial product. Ubuntu is likewise a free distribution, and so "market share" doesn't really figure into it. Linux has always been about creating the best OS possible, and while a larger user base does make it easier to refine and improve a system -- a million eyes are better than two, after all -- popularity has always been at best a secondary priority.

I agree that this was a bad design change, but "you're going to lose customers because of this" isn't really a good argument when talking about free open-source software, even if it may be technically true...