Comment 374 for bug 332945

Really? So the majority of the PC users, and a good portion of the open
source market decided that they liked a certain model...
And you come and proclaim that they all have it wrong? Very bold of you,

I really don't <i>care</i> what you think about the notification area...
What I care about is how you guys remove long lasting, ubiquitous behavior
to attempt change in the development environment without giving any of your
users recourse but to GTFO or downgrade their installation.

This is not good behavior for a company who wishes to continue to gain
market share... you cannot apply this type of behavior at will to all areas
of your distribution without SEVERELY pissing most of your userbase off.

I just want an option. Let me put it back in the notification area, you
have have yours pop under, and we'll both be happy.

On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Matthew Paul Thomas <email address hidden>wrote:

> Brian Burger: It's a fallacy to suggest that because something has been
> labelled the "notification area" it is necessarily good at presenting
> notifications. Our position is that it is not -- that Microsoft got it
> wrong in designing it, and Gnome got it wrong in copying Microsoft.