Comment 361 for bug 332945

Il giorno mar, 02/06/2009 alle 15.30 +0000, braddock ha scritto:
> What happened to the wide-spread usability principle that modal
> dialogs
> (aka, an unwanted update window) are BAD?

It has been argued (in my opinion, very imprecisely) that no system can
go on without sometimes interrupting the user, be it a popup, a balloon
or anything else. The difference between a notification and a dialog is
clear to anybody but it seems that it must be not so clear when we speak
of the new ubuntu.

We never got a simple answer to your question. The principle is gone,
for good or bad it does not matter so much. In the name of the principle
of not crowding the notification area, one other principle is gone. It
has been said that ubuntu specific apps should be an example for all the
other apps. I wonder if this means that any app will start happily
popping up interactive popups. Perhaps we can implement a popup blocker
for the X window system :)

I personally still hate the update-notifier popup, it consumes cpu and I
see it only in rare moments because it pops under. Really, I am in front
of my beloved ubuntu but I hate a part of it.

I am using it instead of removing it to see if I get used, but it's not