Comment 355 for bug 332945

Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> I'm slightly bewildered that so many here apparently feel that bothering
> to read the Jaunty Release Notes and doing what they suggest, to restore
> the old approach, is impossibly difficult... or something?

I'm pretty sure most of us are aware of how to bring back the old
behavior - at least for the moment. The problem is, it is an unsupported
hack. How long will that capability be there until it is taken away? How
will executing that hack affect future updates, or the upgrade to Karmic
when that comes around?

Besides, this isn't about us. Most of us here can work our way around
these petty niggles that annoy us. It's the new users - particularly
those who have never seen the old behavior and therefore have nothing to
which to compare the new behavior; who thinks the new behavior is too
intrusive and "in your face" for their comfort and, having not seen the
old behavior, think that's just how Ubuntu is.
 It is for these people that we are running this BS flag up the flagpole.