Comment 351 for bug 332945

I believe as a bottom line everyone agrees that if a user sets the checkbox to check for updates then the user expects to be notified (one way or another) about the new available updates. If I set it as "automatic" I shouldn't go and do it manually.

Icon in the tray is appropriate when I say so by checking the appropriate checkbox. Icon in the tray is more appropriate then balloon, because if I leave my computer for 10 min I may miss the balloon, however the icon will remain in the tray.

One developer mentioned that the user has to have skills to properly recognise the update icon and the balloon is self-explanatory. Same statement can be applicable to the rest of the icons in the tray, to the icons associated with applications (e.g. when you use drawer on gnome panel), it can be used to accuse nautilus icon to be non-intuitive, etc. The solution could be simple. That update-notification icon could be made more recognisable. Open a poll/contest for the most intuitive icon and simply collect user input on that.