Comment 350 for bug 332945

I want to add an additional point: Not all computers are connected to the internet all the time. Thus, imagine
someone that connects to internet, the system finds out that there are updates available, and then the
internet conection is closed for, lets say 1 month. What will this user experience during this month? Daily
popups? Constant messages in the desktop? This is not an unusual scenario in third world countries, I must
say. The previous notification system was totally acceptable in this case.

Of course it is obvious that I was completely satisfied with the previous way update notifications
were managed. For me, as for others, the result of the new update notification system is that I
do less updates. That's because when the popup commes out, I instantly close it because I'm
doing something else. Second because, when I am not doing something else, it does not necessarily
appears, and I don't remember updating.