Comment 349 for bug 332945

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> mac_v: A notification that a window has popped up? You mean something
> like this screenshot? That's how Mac OS 9 did it a decade ago. Its main
> problem was that there was no direct way to get from the notification to
> the actual window, violating the principle of direct manipulation; and
> the same would be true of a Notify OSD bubble. That's why we say
> notification bubbles should be primarily for notifications that *don't*
> need an input response (with IMs skating on the edge of that category,
> because seeing an IM in a notification bubble sometimes makes it
> unnecessary to switch to the chat window). Now, how to present windows
> requesting attention when the window list isn't visible is an important
> issue, not just for updates but generally. The same is true for how to
> indicate windows that are minimized. If you have ideas about how to do
> those things, we'd be interested to read them on the Ayatana mailing
> list. That this bug report is filed under NULL doesn't mean anything
> like what you seem to think it does; this issue was recorded as needing
> an item in the Ubuntu release notes, that was done, and the people
> maintaining the release notes then had no interest in being spammed with
> further comments irrelevant to them, so they refiled it.
ok... i think i misunderstood about the NULL tag.
ideally for window attention notification a time repeated window preview
as done by compiz would be nice, but the compiz window preview doesnt
allow interactions with the preview, whereas Windows7 has copied the
idea and allowed interactions[clicking on the preview brings the window
to the front]
notification i was mentioning for right now was something like the
screenshot but notify-osd would be better looking,
Also i dont understand what principle of direct manipulation u are
mentioning? its only the notify-osd that specifies no interaction but
the freedesktop specs allows actions/hyperlinks as listed here
org.freedesktop.Notifications.GetCapabilities <
so when there are provisions for interactons, leave the notify-osd as it
is and add another notification system which allows actions, a
notification system which only system process use for notification wich
require actions...

i'm not sure if u have noticed , i'v added a mockup with screenshots of
a concept of notification tags, which could be used as persistent
notifications to this page>
since these can contain text and interactions update manager could use
this to either open updates window by clicking on the notification /when
the mouser over reveals the actions either a direct install or dismiss
of the notification / or the notification can remain minimized until the
user chooses to install...