Comment 343 for bug 332945

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> bdoe: If you are still having this problem, I suggest subscribing to the
> <> feed, and then reporting a bug the next time
> a package you have installed shows up there without Update Manager
> opening within a day. We'd take that very seriously.
I'm absolutely certain now that the window did pop as it was supposed
to, but I had dismissed it without seeing what it was. This goes back to
one of my major complaints about this new notification method: Once
dismissed, the window was gone for good, and I had no further reminders
of the updates.

The window popped again for me today, with new updates. This time, I
heeded it. Unfortunately, I had to stop everything I was doing so that I
could service the update window - this in lieu of dismissing the window
again and forgetting about the updates.

I stand by my assertion that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the
old method of popping an icon in the notification tray, and would like
to see it re-implemented. If needed, have the icon pop along with an
accompanying OSD-notification that "New Updates are Ready to Install",
flash the icon until the OSD goes away, then leave the icon persistent
until the updates are installed. I don't see how this could have ever
been considered broken to begin with.