Comment 338 for bug 332945

MPT: Thanks for keeping me in check. I did a search through all Mark Shuttleworth posts and notice that he did, in fact, post here quite a bit. My apologies, I was under the impression that he only posted twice before he changed the status.

That said, I will state that I can definitely understand the decision to disable zapping by default for Jaunty. Though I've never had accidents, that is something I can support even if I'd rather it not happen. There's always the magic sysrq keys if there's an emergency and zapping is disabled, so the backup plan is fairly good.

While I can see the motivation to take the updater out of the system tray, I cannot understand the methodology behind the execution. The general consensus is extremely negative to this, and I'm probably including those that do not have a launchpad account. I have a dear old teacher friend of mine that went insane for a while with all those popup windows that got in her way while she was doing things. She couldn't STAND It.

What I'm wondering is, do you think that there could be a "fix" released so that until this project Ayatana is finished, the default intrepid behavior is applied? I guess there's no stopping this decision for new notifications, but I'd risk saying that nearly 90 percent or more people don't like it. My roommate was turned off by it when I gave him Jaunty on an external, even. I'll support Shuttleworth's ideas in the future, but this seems to parallel the implementation of Pulseaudio in Hardy: Well-meant, but disastrous. Thankfully, though, I only had to open terminal once this time around.