Comment 334 for bug 332945


Long thread. After reading it and trying to get informed about the new notification system I have come to the conclusion that there is a natural solution for this in the new framework: the indicator-applet.

Here is its description:

"A small applet to display information from various applications consistently in the panel."

The web site states that "The first revision is focusing on messaging applications". However, there is nothing said there about it being limit to message applications only in the future (as message #127 - - seems to imply).

It seems like this applet was created exactly to solve the most important problem described in this long thread: the notifications are not permanent and once dismissed won't leave a reminder behind. The same is true for the "new mail" or "new message" from MUA's and IM, however the new framework already acknowledges this fact and created the applet to keep reminders of those events. Why not use it for the update-notifier events?

I am thinking about something along this lines:

1) Once an update is available show a bubble and leave a reminder in indicator-applet. The reminder in the applet should show two states (only simple upgrades and security updates).

2) If the reboot dialog is dismissed leave a reminder in the applet until next reboot.

3) The other reminders like restart firefox and so on don't need to leave a trace behind (this is certainly open for debate, I don't remember receiving a reminder that needed to leave a note behind but the reboot one).

4) If the user doesn't do the update suggested in the indicator-applet after a certain period of time, open up upgrade-manager like it is done today in jaunty. However this time frame should be user configurable.

Maybe (and probably), I am being naive here, but it seems like this idea could make "everyone happy":

1) The notification area is not abused
2) The new notification system (which is great), is used
3) The upgrade notifications leave a trace behind and are visible at the moment the upgrade is available
4) The reboot notification leaves a trace behind (and hence can not be completely ignored)
5) The new behavior of opening the update-manager to encourage the upgrade is still there.

Obs: I know that this is not the right forum to post such a message. However, I tried to subscribe to Ayatana project mailing list in the URL suggested above

And it returned "No such list ayatana-project". If a member of the Ayatana team reads this and find it appropriate, please forward this message or contact me to point me to the right forum

Obs2: Yes, I really dislike the new update-notifier behavior. IMHO it is a major UI regression.