Comment 331 for bug 332945

  I was ignoring this behavior on my Jaunty systems at first. I thought it was a bug that would be fixed soon. I see others agreed that it was a bug, but it does not look like it will be fixed. So, I have been thinking about what to do.
  First, I have to say that I like the notification OSD messages. They are great for messages that should not last. And, I am grateful that Matthew Paul Thomas understands that voting is a horrible way to decide issues of interface design. But, there is a real problem here. Mr Shuttleworth let the discussion go on for a while before he stepped in and made his decision. It was not the decision I wanted, but I would say he was respectful about it, so lets not complain, but do something constructive. I don't have this idea completely worked out, but here is what I propose to start. First, what I want to accomplish is the following.
 1. The Update manager should never pop up on the user screen without their having requested it.
 2. There should be a way for the user to have some indication that fixes or updates are available.

 I think my first attempt will be based upon conky. I use it on crunchbang and it seems to work fine. I have not used it on regular Ubuntu, so there could be disadvantages to be found. I have already configured automatic updates to be off. I'll do that for any machine I setup now for people. My hope is that I can create a configuration that others can use and package or document it. Ubuntu can proceed as they have and people who don't like the automatic running of update manager will at least have an option.

 I saw the gconf hack. That might not be a bad way to fix it for a while. But, I want some fix that I can carry with me to future versions of Ubuntu and I gather that the gconf route may only work for a while.

 I have not created projects at Launchpad before and I am not sure what the best way to do this will be. I don't know if I will be creating a ppa on Launchpad or not.

Wish me luck,