Comment 314 for bug 332945

> MPT: I wasn't referring to you, actually. I just thought it was a
> little..... scary that Mr. Shuttleworth just waltzed in here with a
> speech and immediately changed the status to "Won't Fix". That's what I
> call turning a deaf ear.

That and the fact that devs are trying to convince people that interruption
is the same as notification. Notification is acceptable. Persistent
notification is better, and it doesn't even have to be on the tray.
ANYWHERE is actually fine.

But the desktop is the users space. Nothing should happen in the users
space unless the user initiates it UNLESS there is ABSOLUTELY no other
choice or if it is the result of some previous action taken i.e. didn't
complete or is a critical warning such as imminent crash.

There are countless bad scenarios where windows popped up out of the blue
are bad. Presentations, real work, movies, music.... on and on and on. The
devs simply should not be making a decision to preempt that space from the
user, even if it is a popunder. That space should be sacred ground and in
every other distro of linux that I am aware of, it is. For the most part it
is even on Windows.

As one user stated, you are giving false choices by making incorrect
assumptions. There are many other options other than taking over the users
control of the work area. There is not and never can be any algorithm to
determine when a good time INTERRUPT a user is, because the algorithm is
simply "never". Almost any time is a good time to NOTIFY the user in a way
that does not preempt their control of the workspace.

As I was typing the above, I did think of one single possible time where a
true interruption of the users actions to notify of updates would be
acceptable... At shutdown or logoff time, it would be acceptable to briefly
pause the shutdown or logoff process to notify the user of X number of
updates and do they want to do them before completing the logoff or
shutdown. Other than that no interruption of the user should ever take

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