Comment 304 for bug 332945

2009/4/30 Matthew Paul Thomas <email address hidden>:
> Matt Wheeler, LanoxxthShaddow: We removed the icon because we're trying
> to reduce the number of items in the notification area, and update-
> notifier was an easy one to start with because Notify OSD forced us to
> solve the "'Click the icon'? What icon?" problem anyway.

And I would reiterate my point that I think that decision was wrong. Regardless of whether you have the update-manager window opening automatically, I think the notification icon should remain. I think (like many others that have commented) that a persistent notification is important.
As I've said, I'm now more happy with the idea of a self-opening update-manager having seen it work for someone else (although I was at the same guy's house earlier today and noticed he was annoyed that it had popped up while he was trying to work, it will probably still have the end result that he installs his updates more quickly). If the notification icon appeared at the same time as the window, and remained there until the updates were installed, he would be more likely to remember to install his updates (they were not new today) when he finished working, rather than just forgetting.

I know you will probably say 'the notification icon should not be there', but I disagree, I think this if anything is one thing that *does* have a right to be in the notification area. It is a *notification* of the state of the system.

Matt Wheeler
<email address hidden>