Comment 301 for bug 332945

On Thu, 2009-04-30 at 17:56 +0000, mac_v wrote:
> +1 .but the only thing would be to drop beneath in a few seconds * only
> when the user is working * but *remain persistent until the users
> returns to the system* and starts to work.

That seems a good idea. However, there are a couple use cases where it
would be wrong to have it on top but the user would not seem to be
working. Watching a full screen video, for example.

Perhaps "If screen is locked, stay on top until screen is unlocked",
then apply default behaviour, "stay on top for time T". This is a
cleaner use case, I think, fewer what-ifs and exceptions to manage.

> but i think this would probably not be possible at present, right?
> probably Karmic?

Not even, then, I would think, unless and until those doing the design
and coding come to believe that another approach is required.

> also whats up with no actions in the notify-osd, rather than using the
> fall back alerts, why not use a good looking notify-osd with actions ,
> when required!

My apologies, I don't follow.

Do you mean have a button on the semi-transparent notify widget "Do
Action A"? If so, yes, I agree. There should likely be three: "Do Action
A", "Dismiss" (notification never returns), "Snooze" (notification
returns sometime later; a default time could be displayed).