Comment 298 for bug 332945

I want to chime in that the popup behavior is completely irritating. It also doesn't solve the problem it purports to solve regarding users ignoring important updates. When it pops up in the middle of some important task I just cuss and click the close button at which point the update will likely be forgotten until the next time it pops up and I close it, cussing again.

Pop under isn't a solution either since things that happen in the background by definition are going to be unnoticed.

A completely reasonable solution would be to re-add the notification icon but animate it subtly (a slow flash, bounce, periodic rotation, whatever) for important security updates. That would be far less intrusive than a pop-up but still hard to miss accidentally. The animation could continue until the user acknowledges it in some way (install now, install later, go away). If the user chooses "install later" the icon could remain until installed but could be non-animated. This would be a persistent low grade reminder that the user still needs to take action. The icon could also reanimate after some number of days of inattention. This should all be integrated with OSD notifications "an important security update is available." Similar text should be used as a tool tip for the icon.