Comment 290 for bug 332945

I dont think the problem is the new NotifyOSD. Personally I think the
new "notifyosd" is great. The thing of question here is the
"update-notifier" package. So lets have a look at that one. The two
mainly discussed things are the bubbles and the icons. For the bubbles
they should and have been replaced in favour of using the new notifyOSD,
and they have. So fare so good, I like the notifyOSD so I like that
change. The other thing were the icons. Claim is that many people ignore
it. [1]. So you introduce the popunder. Maybe (many) people even like
it. But what I dont understand is how that leads to the reasoning the
the icons must leave? Whats wrong with keeping the icons? You have
removed the bubbles in favour of notifyOSD, do the icons really hurt
that much?

What I would suggest:
1. Open the popunder as a default for all those that ignored the icons
before. <b>(Already Implemented)</b>
2. keep the icons (parallel to the popunder) <b>(needs to be
3. add a check box to the update-manager popunder that says something
like: <b>"Open update-manager automatically when updates are available."
</b> and next to that one a button: <b>"More"</b> or <b>"Advanced"</b>.
When the user clicks that one the "Software Sources" Update tab opens
and you have two more options: "Open update-manager automatically when
updates are available." and "Show update-manager icons in the pannel to
indicate its status." <b>(needs to be implmented)</b>

Then you would realize both parties wishes. That would be a real choice.
The people who notoriously dont update have their popunder and therefore
a thing they wont ignore like the icons and second the people who know
what the icons are for have their icons and can disable the popunder if
they want. Plus, those that have been ignoring the icon before can still
 can keep ignoring it since they have the popunder.

Now what do you think? Implement it for Karmic and maybe provide a
backport for Jaunty or a PPA. And then we can finally close this bug,


[1] Personally Im not sure if the message of the notifyOSD (telling you
there are updates available) and the icons would appear at the same time
would be so hard to put into a relation with each other, but anyway.