Comment 261 for bug 332945

Peter: An apology is irrelevant, IMO, and I think that Mark has been *remarkably* loyal to an idea and a developer that are totally off the beam on this issue.

I'm continually amazed that people keep finding this bug, since every effort has been made to squelch it, from renaming it from the original title that the change was wrong, to assigning it as Fix Released against the NULL project (, which is a stand-in for "we can't physically remove this annoyance from our bug tracker to shut people up." And yet there are over 260 comments on it, almost none of which are in favor of the change.

As so many people observe, the salient point is the simple need for a form of persistent notification. That is, unfortunately, conflated in the minds of others with dynamic placement of control icons for running programs, e.g., Pidgin, Skype, and VMware, in the notification area. None of which do I find objectionable, and for none of which have I seen an alternative proposal, but they are still outside the scope of the basic need for persistent notification.