Comment 260 for bug 332945

Although I do agree that some of the comments are a bit harsh, I also fear that if enough people do not squawk, and squawk loudly, this will be dropped.

Many of the devs have come on here and shrugged this off with the statement, "You have a way to get the old functionality back so what is the big deal."

How long will the ability to get the old functionality back remain if no one squawks? If no one squawks, will the gconf hack still work in the next release or two? The big deal is that the old functionality wasn't broken. Why change it.

If we squawk loudly enough can we get the ludicrous idea of a POPUP or POPUNDER crushed under a train where it belongs and go back to the nice unobtrusive but persistent notification?

I don't care if a popup or popunder comes up and does my entire days work for me automatically. If I didn't open the window, it shouldn't be there.