Comment 258 for bug 332945

On Sun, 2009-04-26 at 21:38 +0000, mac_v wrote:
> a bit too harsh there pal...

Harsh? Perhaps. But given the comparative levels of user frustration and
development intransigence, the frustration is understandable.

> asking the devs for an apology, is way out there!!!

Absolutely not. At this point, I'm starting to think that a contrite mea
culpa is the only way forward. People make mistakes. Most of the time,
admitting and accepting and moving on is the best approach. But
sometimes, when an error is upheld for so long by the errant party,
well, the errant party should apologize.

Up to this point, I've tried to confine my responses to pointing out the
obvious flaws in the Jaunty approach, to proposing alternatives, and to
suggesting how the process for introducing these changes could have
perhaps been improved. Not because of any inner saintliness, but because
I've spat vinegar a time or two and I've learned the hard way how much
it gets done.

But the development team response from SABDFL on down has been so poor
in this area that I'm starting to think vitriol is all we have left.

So, yeah, I think we, the Ubuntu community deserve an apology for how
this was introduced, for how it was clung too dogmatically in the face
of so much opposition of such quality, and for simple intransigence.

I don't think asking for apology is off base at all.