Comment 248 for bug 332945

I just want to add my concern about this change. I think the popup/under whatever alone is not a good idea. This will either be a distraction while trying to get work done, or get lost under all my windows. I would definitely want to turn that pop up off if possible. The upgrade/security update icons that I have gotten accustomed are very subtle and acts as a reminder to update the computer. This was the first thing I noticed missing in this release that I didn't like. Also there was another post that I total agree with about teaching their mom to look for those icons to upgrade the computer.... I couldn't agree more. I converted my parents to Ubuntu this last summer on Hardy Heron, but for a lot of reasons was thinking about upgrading them to Jaunty.

One of the biggest things is keeping their computer up to date. I just tell them, when you see the icon in the notification area, click on it, and do it. And now to tell them, "just wait for some popup" or like once in a while remember to open the update manager would not work for them.