Comment 231 for bug 332945

Vincenzo Ciancia wrote:
> Il giorno lun, 20/04/2009 alle 14.37 +0000, xpd259 ha scritto:
>> simple answer .. unofficial answer but
>> here is a poll
> Am I reading Mark Shuttleworth voting for the old-style notification?
> Perhaps a poll with launchpad authentication would be better...
> v.
Brainstorm would be preferable here... Therer are already two ideas:

Second one is my failed attempt at making a preemptive strike.

Also wish to add my voice to the negative side here. The only good
reason to go through with this is if it would indeed increase security,
and make people more likely to install updates.
I don't see this step helping that... A random window lying around
(since it's opened in the background) will be closed, since this is not
a normal way to notify people of updates. People are used to either
focused dialogs, notification icons, or notification bubbles for this
kind of information. And if people have to re-learn to be able to handle
this behaviour as it is intended, then it has obviously failed.

If we really wanted to take a step on security we would enable automatic
security updates by default... This, is in my opinion an uneccesary
step, which annoys without actaully acheiving what is intended.

But then again I am writing here, so it doesn't really count.
- Arand