Comment 224 for bug 332945

Il giorno lun, 20/04/2009 alle 14.28 +0000, Jordan Mantha ha scritto:
> Regarding Alan's "vocal minority" statement. While he was perhaps a
> bit
> to concise for a heated topic, he has a fairly good point. We can't
> take
> this bug report (19 dups and 221 comments now) as solid proof that the
> majority of users don't like the changes. The big reason is that only
> people who don't like the change are going to file a bug about it so
> we're specifically collecting the "no" votes without really any
> collection of the "yes" votes. That makes things like this bug report
> not very useful for knowing just how many people are in favor of the
> new
> system. Statistically, 221 "no" votes is a distinct minority of users
> and so the claim that "a feature everybody dislikes" is probably not
> very valid. That is not to say however, that all the "no" votes are
> irrelevant or not considerable.

In the new notification dialog, why not putting a link saying "this
dialog is new, do you like it? Tell us your opinion", pointing to a
quick survey?


It is also important to note that hedgehogs do not actually hurt each
other when they get close to one another. Actually, when living in
groups, hedgehogs often sleep close to each other.