Comment 219 for bug 332945

xpd259 wrote:
> a simple notification bubble been shown every x min is more then enough
> to notify a user to update with out intruding on the users desktop

@Matthew Paul Thomas , Alan Pope

consider this idea instead of the pop-under... i understand this is not
immediately possible, but hope u could consider it into future

u have a nice notification system, so rather than using the pop-under,
use the notify-osd for the update notification...

u guys already have a proposal for the actions keys in the notify-osd
for situations where it is absolutely required,
 so just have a single button for the user to choose "update now" ,
 and making the notify-osd stay longer for these update notification...

so they end up being less intrusive than the pop-under windows and
atleast have an option for the reminder , x mins , which users can
choose from...

i think is might be a good idea for consideration...