Comment 169 for bug 332945

Peter Velosy wrote:
So if the taskbar button really gets some kind of a flashing effect then it's a good approach indeed.

@ Peter , actually that is a worse approach having an panel window list blink... !
that is the opposite of the whole idea of behind this change !!!

the devs say that they dont want the *non-blinking icon* to bother people but how is a *blinking window list* not bothersome?

what happened to me today:
after an update i was told for a reboot , but i clicked later... so now the notification has disappeared and i have no reminder that i need to reboot!!! so i have to remember to reboot ! today or i'd be reminded by surprise again 2morrow!!!
so the devs think that its easy for the user to remember for himself about the reboot than placing an icon!

*as this bug is a wont fix> why bother with these rants> waste of time! when the devs get to be so inconsiderate! *