Comment 155 for bug 332945

Il giorno mer, 08/04/2009 alle 15.04 +0000, Brian Curtis ha scritto:
> My point to this, (and thanks for saying yes), was this is how Ubuntu
> currently runs in Intrepid (so in essence you are saying you don't
> like the
> current way ubuntu runs).

pidgin is a single program, "against" (if you like) the plethora of
gnome programs that don't open popups. And pidgin is THE instant
messaging client so if I configure an account *AND* set my status to
"online" then I *intend* to be disturbed. When I am working hard, I
close pidgin and nobody disturbs me. Do you second this?

Evolution is so nice with me that he does not disturb me even when
sending a message fails. That's likely a bug because it's lacking a
libnotify popup, but it's extremely appreciated by me and is the reason
why I switched back to it from thunderbird, which is extremely annoying
with popups (e.g. "could not automatically save your draft" which pops
up continuously when I write a draft far from my access point).

Look at the job firefox does to avoid popups and tell me if it's not

Try to browse the web with gutsy's konqueror (I don't know about the
kde4 version) and see how EVERY TIME it disables a pop-up, it WARNS you
with another pop-up. Now tell me which method do you prefer, the firefox
one or the konqueror 3 one? We want coherency on this topic across the
whole desktop.

And we want this, because we feel that our ordinary user, annoyed by the
popups, will start directly closing them as they do in the windows
world. So that we will have this bad image of a system popping up
windows that users close.

It's not a new idea. The windows world is full of pop-ups. People hate
them. Why becoming a target of hate in turn?