Comment 154 for bug 332945

Il giorno mer, 08/04/2009 alle 14.42 +0000, ddumont ha scritto:
> It sure feels like a battle. Do you simply not see the opposition
> here, or
> do you choose to ignore it?
> Why isn't such a drastic change in policy configurable by the user?
> You're writing software for users... aren't you?

Once again, it IS configurable by users. Just a change in gconf. It's in
the comments above, search for "gconf".

The "battle" here, at least for me, is that I want defaults to be
elegant, coherent and unintrusive. This is because I want the high
usability of gnome *by default* and don't want to get back to the age
where every linux user had his own set of magic recipes to use for every
new installed system. There was a looong fight in the beginning to
change gnome like that, in the name of usability principles that where
not understood by people! Now gnome has "a direction". This change goes
in "the other direction" at least to my eyes.