Comment 147 for bug 332945

Brian Curtis wrote:
 It appears as if you're basing your judgement on the amount of clicks it takes to perform actions. The amount of time it *really* takes to make 4 clicks (making the assumption that you have to move the mouse between each click), is no more than like 4 seconds.

What makes these things "difficult", is that most of the time people aren't staring at their taskbar tray, and any icon that pops up goes unnoticed (most of the time). Making this how MPT has it , is something to try out, and get used to. I can't imagine you knew how to run ubuntu the first day you used it. Take the time to get used to the changes, and adapt yourself to it, as Ubuntu thankfully makes this easy.

In General: I really think that users should let the development teams run away with their ideas, because a ton of people really want to see changes to their OS that make it better (all in different ways), and the people that complain about 2 vs 4 clicks or how "intrusive" these things are, really need to step back a bit.

@Brian Curtis:
if u had followed the discussion,the whole click count was mentioned because the devs mentioned that the existing method was gratuously difficult!
the count was to remind that it wasnt difficult , rather the existing method made it longer,
 which was the basis the devs say that they are implementing this feature!

click count is usually the easiest way to measure simplicity of an app...[Ubuntu itself prides about being able to fresh install in just 7/8 clicks!]

i dont deny that devs should be left free, but when they are yanking a feature from the system, people do tend to ask for it,
what i'm saying is, implement the new features with the existing features as a secondary option, when this option can be done with a gconftool, why not add it as a toggle option all users can easily restore rather than google for the option?

u do have to realize that the option exists but is hidden!

>Alan Pope wrote :
>Lets keep this calm and adult shall we.

i'm sorry if the tone didnt sound mannered, that wasnt my intention but it was rather a shocking reason stated by the dev.!

>I don't know about your region, but where I come from road signs are
>rarely 24 pixels high!
>In addition in the UK we have a book full of them called the "Highway Code"
>The update-notifier icon only means something once someone tells you
>what it is.

if u mean to say 24pixels is too large a space, then i wonder how come the window is smaller!
do u realize that rather than using the notification area, u are only using the DESKTOP AS THE NOTIFICATION AREA!!!
 also the windows list and the panel are used up!!! that is more space than the small icon!!!

****just because the devs couldnt come up with a reasonable icon, they change the feature of the system!!!****

do u think that the user cannot remember 2 icons? do u think that the average user cant remember just 2 icons after a few mins interaction? i think u must think we regular user are pretty dumb? highway code for 2 icons?

the arguments devs make for this whole thing make no sense...
-devs want to not use a 24x24 area so use a lager space to notify! also the windows list and the panel are used up!!!
-want to make it easier to install updates but increase the click count and make us go search for updates!
-just following the Windows way of saying this is new feature and deal with it and learn new things! when its no way easier...