Comment 146 for bug 332945

ddumont, that something is years-old and well-established does not mean it is correct. (For example, applications have been asking for over 25 years whether you want to "save changes" to documents, but that's always been nonsense and should be fixed eventually.) Nor does it mean the behavior should be configurable. (Though in this case, it is.) And we're obviously not "choosing to ignore" feedback, albeit that your unhelpful tone makes that quite tempting.

ami_nakata, all the examples I provided in the mailing list message, of automatically-opening windows, are also what you call "off-task" windows. Providing the ability to turn them off would imply either that they weren't necessary in the first place, or that there was a different but similarly effective way to present them. If we thought either of those things were true, we wouldn't be doing this in the first place. If you have an alternative proposal for how to present persistent notifications, then as I suggested to Peter Whittaker, you're welcome to post them on the Ubuntu wiki for further discussion.