Comment 136 for bug 332945

 Matthew Paul Thomas wrote::
 (1) Yes, it is more obtrusive, that's entirely deliberate, and I don't know what "study" you're referring to.
(2) Using a notification icon to advertise updates is a bad idea first because it's not obvious, and second because it makes installing the updates gratuitously difficult.
(3) Using a notification icon to advertise that a restart is required is a bad idea first because it's not obvious, and second because it makes restarting gratuitously difficult.

1] seems to be a deliberate move... OK .. thts understood
2] & 3]not obvious???gratuitously difficult.????????? ARE U KIDDING????????

the reasons we have road signs as symbols rather than instructions is since they are more obvious!!!just like icons over windows with text!

with notification icons number of clicks to install updates>
1-click the icon for update > update manager is opened showing list of updates an option to install or close
2-click on install updates

with notification icons number of clicks to restart>
1-click the icon for restart > restart dialogue is opened showing an option to restart now or restart later
2-click on restart

2 clicks for both the steps and i dont understand how u define gratuitously difficult !!!

what u are doing this far worse>>>
when the user chooses to update later
1-click to close the dialogue
2-click on panel for system menu
3- to reopen the update manager from system menu
4-to install updates...

so i guess that 4 clicks are easier than 2?????

OK seems that this battle is not going to be won by the users!

cant we all co-exist? hear me out
proceed with the way u have planned by opening a pop-under window for notifications
BUT WHEN the user decides to update/restart later, display an icon { extra option which is disabled by default but can be set to show icon from settings in the update manager}

option2:***** to satisfy the regular user, and for all who complain provide an option to allow notification icon display****
a better way would be allow the user to decide whether the pop-under / icon is better for them, with the pop-under being the default setup...

the DELIBERATE steps u have taken for the new update notification system are understood to all... thought not many agree with it...

>>>PLS consider this extra option of having an icon displayed when the user postpones the update/restart <<<<