Comment 134 for bug 332945

> Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 17:07:03 +0000
> From: <email address hidden>
> Subject: [Bug 332945] Re: [Jaunty] Update Notifier icon would provide useful status information
> @Matthew,
> As far as I can tell none of those "changes" address the chief
> complaints, as I understand them, that I've seen voiced here.
> * automated opening of a window
> No matter how you go about this, it *is* more obtrusive than the previous, and preferred, notification icon. I've yet to see anything that disputes this, other than some claimed "study".
> * timely notification of updates in an unobtrusive manner
> See the previous point
> * persistent notification of updates or need for reboot
> I think this one is self explanatory

I am also waiting for the answers. To me it seems like we are going from icon everyone didn't understand to flashing window which can easily be ignored specially in todays world with multi-monitors and a lots of windows you care about.

Also I would like to know what happens when the windows is automatically opened and user is not able to act on it right now because use doesn't want to or can't because of internet ore whatever. Does the user will be prompted again after seven or whatever the interval is? Sorry for asking this again and again but just really want to know.
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