Comment 127 for bug 332945

Jamin, the link I provided was to one of several messages that I (along with other members of the Design team) posted in that thread. So it's completely inappropriate to say the thread was "effectively ignored".

Brian, whether an automatically-opening window is from a newly-running application or an already-running application is, ideally, an implementation detail. Even for people who know what an "application" is, they quite likely don't consider Update Manager to be one, and we shouldn't force them into thinking that it is (using the word "Manager" is probably trying too hard to do that already). In practice there is a cost in memory consumption and disk access, but we've taken measures to reduce those in Jaunty, and we'll work on reducing them further for future releases. As for your question about indicator-applet, that currently provides access to messages from Evolution and from Pidgin. It has, and should have, nothing to do with software updates.