Comment 21 for bug 942106

Mark Ovens (parish) wrote :

I only use the mdadm array for data, i.e. I don't boot from them. I was originally subscribed to one of the duplicate bugs. The problem I had was that booting would stop with a message about the disks not being ready and the option to 'S'kip or 'M'anual.

To work round this I added the `noauto` option to the /etc/fstab entry for the array and called mount(8) in /etc/rc.local

My testing of this fix has simply being to remove the `noauto` option from /etc/fstab and the call to mount(8) in /etc/rc.local.

I guess that this is not enough for those who boot from an array?

P.S. I am happy to try anything else you may require, but I'm away for 8 days from tomorrow.