Comment 33 for bug 639933

Adam Porter (alphapapa) wrote :

This should be a critical bug. Debian would call it an RC bug and not release until it's fixed, but Kubuntu has ignored it for 9 months and is about to release? :(

I know Kubuntu is understaffed compared to Ubuntu (a shame that the paid employees are all paid to work on Ubuntu)--all I ask is that the final version NOT BE RELEASED until it's fixed. Kubuntu has been pushing out gold releases that are broken out-of-the-box (including broken-after-upgrade) for some time now, and it needs to stop! If that means missing a release date, so be it! It's unacceptable to publish an official upgrade that is known to break systems! How anyone could say, "Go ahead and release it, even though it will break systems," is unfathomable to me.