Comment 6 for bug 562948

I checked it now (mirror already updated as well with the new OOo) and unfortunately no. I misunderstood that the fix was fixing OOo so that the pre-depending extensions would work, but instead & co. are part of the OOo source package itself, and the Pre-Depends were removed as well.

The reason for Pre-Depends originally (if I recall it right) was that the extension ABI might change and changes between OOo version, so trying to eg. unregister hardy extension with lucid's unopkg could fail. I don't know if this consideration was taken into account in the OOo fix, but it's certainly version-specific and can be tested.

I'm not sure about the options, but here goes:
1) Remove Pre-Depends from and it will just work now with the OOo changes?
2) If for extensions to work via this new way they need to be part of the same source package, integrate to OOo sources and remove Pre-Depends?
3) If these new changes now helped the situation to some extent, do some update-manager workaround to fix the case of