Comment 3 for bug 241305

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 7:32 PM, Henning Eggers

<email address hidden> wrote:
> I would not call this a security vulnerability. No computer sytem is at
> this point in time expected to use *only* IPv6 but to use *dual stacks*
> for the transition process. All IPv6-enabled system will still speak
> IPv4 and be able to reach the update servers.

There are systems only using IPv6. We have four of them. I admit, this
is not very common but will be in the next few months. Nothing forbid
to have already IPv6-only system.

They are not dual-stack or don't use any NAT-PT or transition
mechanism to access IPv4 host.

> I would not even call this a bug but a feature request but I do not know
> what to do about it. Should it be set to "invalid"?

Is it a big deal for Ubuntu people to setup an AAAA record and
pointing to a friendly mirror already hosting security update and
available in IPv6 ? (a virtual host need to be setup on those friendly

Feel free to move the ticket to the team managing the Ubuntu
network/mirror infrastructure.

Thanks for your feedback


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